What StoneX Stands For

Today's global financial markets offer a world of opportunities. To trade. To invest. To manage risk. And to grow.

We believe that every company, every organization, and every investor must have access to the widest array of markets, the most asset classes, the most liquidity, the most products and services, the most expertise, and the most advanced tools and technologies in order to seize their market opportunities and thrive.

That’s what we stand for. And that’s what we strive to deliver.

We are StoneX.

Our clients include the producers, processors and end users of virtually every major traded commodity. Traders and investors in nearly all securities and foreign currencies – whether institutional or retail. And organizations whose missions traverse borders and transcend balance sheets.

We help these clients achieve what they stand for by connecting them to nearly every relevant financial market worldwide – along with all the tools, services and support we think they need to succeed in those markets. We do it by leveraging the components of our global network and our value proposition in ways that create a multiplier effect for clients - in terms of capabilities and value:

Institutional-grade Offering X Client-first Approach

We put our global network, our powerful platforms and our deep expertise in service of our clients’ strategies – not our own – so that our success is tied to theirs.

Global Market Access X Deep Expertise

We enable our clients to pursue market opportunities across the world, with in-depth knowledge and intelligence from those markets if they want it.

Digital Platforms X High-Touch Service

We empower clients large and small with institutional-grade tools and technology, but complement those capabilities with boutique-level attention, problem-solving and support.

Innovation X Technology

We challenge the status quo when we believe our clients will benefit, and we develop first-of-kind tools and technologies that change the way our clients – and in some cases, the world – trades.

Local Insights X Global Scale

We generate actionable insights and detailed intelligence from every market we trade, while our people leverage first-hand knowledge and personal connections to deliver a unique advantage we call Boots on the Ground.

Transparency X Integrity

We share our financials publicly, we play by the rules globally and we make doing “the right thing over the easy thing” the guiding principle of our relationships with clients, shareholders, partners and employees alike.

These are the principles we stand for. These are the ways we help our clients seize all the opportunities the global markets have to offer.

We are StoneX.

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US Institutional

329 Park Avenue N
Suite 350
Winter Park, FL 32789
Tel: +1 (407) 741-5347


US Commercial

1251 NW Briarcliff Parkway
Suite 800
Kansas City, MO 64116
Tel:+1 (816) 410-5636


Europe, Africa,
Middle East, Asia

Moor House, 1st Floor
120 London Wall
London EC2Y 5ET
Tel: +44 20 3580-6000


Rua Joaquim Floriano
413-14th Floor
Itaim Bibi
São Paulo, SP
Tel: +55 11 3509-5404


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