Market Intelligence Packages and Offerings

Info + Insight = More Informed Decisions. Make Dairy Insight Your Edge Everyday.

Access comprehensive global dairy market analysis, information and commentary from the experts at StoneX through one online portal.

We Understand – Global supply and demand drive dairy prices. Working across the globe, our team tracks, models and forecasts supply, demand and prices across all of the major dairy exporting regions, as well as dozens of importing countries. This provides you with critical insights into the important drivers behind dairy prices.

We Simplify – Data overload is a real problem in today's market analysis. While we track millions of data points, we distill this information down to indicators, commentary and forecasts that are clear and easy to understand.

You Succeed – The more you understand the underlying drivers in the market, the easier it becomes to make better, more informed decisions.

Commercial Packages

Diamond Package:

This is our top-of-the-line package and includes all of our reports. But the biggest benefit of this package isn't a report, but rather the access to our world-class dairy economists and the tremendous amount of data and industry knowledge they have to offer. Think of us as your dairy market intelligence team. Call or email directly to pick our brains, ask questions about data/reports you've seen, or request data you see in the reports and presentations. We're here to help. Everything from Dairy 101 to deep discussions of price elasticities and the intricacies of the US Federal Milk Marketing Orders and the EU Common Agricultural Policy.

Sapphire Package:

The Sapphire package includes access to all of the Emerald content (below) plus US/EU/Oceania price forecasts updated monthly, our weekly report called Udder Intelligence and our comprehensive monthly US and Global Dairy Outlook reports.

Emerald Package:

The Emerald package contains a suite of market reports providing a comprehensive overview of the dairy markets in Europe and Oceania while also including pertinent information from all of the other main global regions associated with dairy supply and demand.


Farmer Reports and Packages

US Dairy Farm ProfitView:

Dairy Farm ProfitView is our unique weekly report tailored to dairy farmers and those working with dairy farmers. The report uses current Class III and Class IV milk futures prices to predict farm gate milk prices in the largest dairy states and uses corn and soybean meal futures to predict feed costs by state to give you a clear view of expected margins. We also give a brief summary of the market each week along with our general recommendation for what farmers should be doing to manage their risk.

EU Milk Price Equivalent Report:

European milk prices have become increasingly volatile over the past decade. This report aims to give milk producers an unbiased indication of the current and forward Milk Price Equivalent over the next 12 months based on EU Butter and SMP Futures Markets. This includes concise commentary on important developments in the dairy markets and comparisons of how the Milk Equivalent Prices have moved in recent weeks.

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