Interest Rate Swaps


With an OTC account at StoneX Markets LLC, you’ll be able to execute trades efficiently with our in-house traders. One account gives you access to our deep liquidity in interest rates hedging, as well as a broad range of currencies and commodities. Our interest rates product lineup includes:

Interest Rate Swaps

  • 1M, 3M, & 6M LIBOR
  • SOFR
  • Custom Amortizing Schedules
  • Custom structures to hedge a specific loan or a broader portfolio of loans
  • Forward start dates

What is an Interest Rate Swap?

An interest rate swap is an agreement between two parties to exchange interest payments for a set length of time based on a specified dollar amount. In a single, upfront transaction, a borrower can customize the length of time and dollar amount to use in this exchange to craft a unique hedge to interest rate risk. In a common transaction, a borrower will receive a floating rate payment in exchange for a fixed rate payment. The floating rate received from the swap offsets the floating rate paid on the loan thereby creating a simple, effective way to control exposure to rising rates. Monthly settlement statements will show the floating rate received versus the fixed rate paid and net the difference. If the floating rate received is higher than the fixed rate paid, the borrower receives the difference and vice versa. If the maturity and dollar amount of the swap matches that of the loan, the borrower effectively converts their floating rate loan into a fixed rate, without changing the terms of the underlying loan.


With the much-anticipated transition away from LIBOR, we are now pleased to announce our ability to use the Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) for clients interested in swap transactions

  • Custom Amortizing Schedules
  • Term Loan Hedging out to 15 Years
  • Operating Line Hedging out to 10 Years
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Complete Product Training

Benefits of an interest rate swap vs. traditional bank fixed rate loan


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