All rights reserved. INTL FCStone Inc. group provides financial services worldwide using its subsidiary entities. Such financial services include, but are not limited to, products in commodities, investment banking, derivatives, risk management, and foreign exchange and are provided in strict adherence to the respective laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where such financial services are provided.

The information contained herein (may be partly sourced from parties outside the INTL FCStone Inc. group) is for information purposes only and the INTL FCStone Inc. group does not give any warranty or guarantee as to its completeness or accuracy and may not be deemed in any way as representation, advice, solicitation or inducement to enter into any contract, investment or arrangement by any party, whether or not such party is known, unknown or a client of any entity within the INTL FCStone Inc. group.

INTL FCStone Inc. fully disclaims and shall be held harmless relating to all and any liability, howsoever arising, that may be incurred or suffered by any party arising from the reliance, use, misuse, reproduction (in part or whole thereof) and dissemination of the information herein.


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