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Maximize SWIFT benefits. Minimize SWIFT burdens.

StoneX Technology Services LLC makes it easier for companies to capture the benefits of joining and operating SWIFT while reducing its administrative costs and burdens. As a certified and accredited SWIFT partner with roots dating back to 2002, we deliver best-in-class services that are trusted by more than 100 customers globally. These include top-tier banks, sovereign central banks and other government organizations, market infrastructures and Fortune 500 corporations.

We offer services across these categories:

  • SWIFT connectivity and infrastructure
  • SWIFT initiatives and advisory
  • SWIFT integration and IT Security

You can find more information about our products and services within the categories below. Or, you can reach out to us directly for a customized assessment of your needs here. 

SWIFT Connectivity and Infrastructure

We make SWIFT easier, helping our customers to minimise operational cost, simplify day-to-day SWIFT management activity and introduce richer levels of functionality and performance.

SWIFT Service Bureau. Our best-in-class Shared Infrastructure Service Bureau provides high levels of operational performance, as well as 24x7 support from SWIFT-trained and certified staff in America, London and India.

SWIFT Infrastructure – Remote Management. Enjoy the benefits of third-party expert management services by outsourcing the management and maintenance of your SWIFT infrastructure – securely and remotely – to us.

SWIFT Infrastructure – Dedicated Hosting. Reduce your on-site footprint and responsibilities by relocating your dedicated infrastructure to our data centers.

SWIFT Initiatives & Advisory Services

We make compliance with SWIFT initiatives less costly and burdensome. We can help you understand your obligations, identify potential business impacts, and ensure compliance under initiatives such as SWIFT’s Customer Security Programme, Global Payments Initiative (GPI) and ISO20022, as well as others that will inevitably arise.

SWIFT Integration and IT Security

We help make the information flows between your back-office systems and SWIFT more efficient, seamless and secure, while also providing strong tools data interrogation and reporting.

For more information on these services, and how we can help you today, you can contact us here, or call the office that serves your region below. 


Meet the Team

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Latin America
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Winter Park, FL 32789
Tel: +1 (407) 279-9264

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