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When it comes to fixed income securities, there’s no shortage of potential counterparties out there. That’s why we go beyond best-price execution to provide our clients with guidance that adds value beyond their transactions.

It starts with inventory that’s both broad and deep. Acting as principal, we inventory more than 5,000 CUSIPS and average more than $1.5 billion in inventory across all of our products. More importantly, we position with our clients in mind – allowing us to provide liquidity for even the most highly specialized orders with unmatched speed and efficiency. We can also underwrite debt instruments for the Federal Farm Credit Banks, Federal Home Loan Banks, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Managing this inventory generates market insights and actionable trade ideas that our expert professionals share with our clients. Our Product Strategy Group pairs insights with analytics to assist our clients with security selection and portfolio allocation decisions, as well as on long-term initiatives that can strengthen their marketing, trading, monitoring or research functions. Similarly, our Dealer and Advisor Relations Group helps broker/dealers generate value-based ideas for serving their various business lines. 

Fixed Income Specialties

Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities

  • Agency Pass-throughs
  • CMOs
  • Agency CMBS
  • Hybrid ARMs

US Government & Federal Agency

  • Treasury Bills
  • Notes
  • Bonds
  • Floating Rate Notes
  • Strips
  • TIPs

Asset-Backed Securities

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