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Global payments

StoneX Payments provides a fast, cost-efficient, and effortless way to move money around the world.

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Cross-border payment specialists for


International development organizations

We help international development organizations: charitable organizations, governments, and NGOs maximize their impact.

Financial institutions

We help financial institutions provide cross-border payments to their clients so they can enhance their FX capabilities.


We provide businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive payment solution to support their international operations.

Educational institutions

We provide comprehensive payment solutions for the education sector, enhancing global reach.

The simple and secure way to send money overseas

StoneX Payments provides customized foreign exchange and payment solutions. If you need to make international payments, safeguard yourself from currency exchange rate fluctuations, and conduct transactions with user-friendly technology, we're the ideal partner for you.

Seamless payment connectivity options



Incorporate your own internal processes into our easy-to-use web-based platform.

API connections

StoneX Payments API connections are designed to automate your internal processes and save time when making cross-border payments.
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For clients looking to process high-volume payments, we can connect direct and secure connections from your systems into StoneX Payments.

Access the latest market insights in international payments


Currency guide

Many countries require different information when it comes to processing payments. This can make sending money overseas feel like hard work. Our currency guide simplifies the process by providing all the necessary information for your selected country.

Market intelligence

Our comprehensive market intelligence services provide clients with real-time data, expert analysis, and valuable insights on global currency trends. We help clients understand exchange rates, manage currency fluctuations, and identify risks.

Upgrade your payment infrastructure with StoneX Technology Services

We provide payment solutions to help you process transactions more efficiently. We specialize in connecting organizations to the SWIFT network, staying compliant with SWIFT initiatives (gpi, pre-validation etc.), and automating manual payment processes. We focus on delivering fast and accurate payments for customers that want to reduce the cost and friction involved in cross-border transactions.


SWIFT products and services

We make SWIFT initiatives less costly and burdensome. We help organizations to be more secure and stay compliant with current SWIFT initiatives.

StoneX Messaging Hub (XMH)

We enable organizations to become agnostic to payment standards, formats, and networks. We specialize in ISO 20022 migrations, cash visibility, and many other payment processing services.
Case study: Save the Children
StoneX worked with Save the Children and their correspondent banks to enable MT940 reporting via the XMH platform. Through this optimization of reporting, Save the Children was able to gain better visibility of their account balances around the world, leading to a reduction in administrative costs.

Innovative payment services under development and in service

Send money to and from Brazil with ease
Making financial payments to and from Brazil can be tricky, but StoneX Payments makes it simple. Our payment-processing services make it quick and easy to send and receive money from countries in South America.
International payments to Colombia now available
StoneX Payments is proud to share that clients now have the capability to complete cross-border payments to and from Colombia. If you are interested in learning more about this news, you can arrange a conversation with our team now.
Accept payments in local currency internationally
StoneX Payments will launch a new digital payment platform that will allow corporates, financial institutions, international development organizations, and e-commerce platforms to accept payments in local currency in developing countries. We aim to announce a release date hopefully later this year.
Global Payments Market Intelligence

Discover more insights

Dive into comprehensive market analysis from StoneX spanning commodities, equities, currencies and more.


What is the SWIFT banking system?

SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) is an international banking system used to securely transmit financial messages and other data between banks and other financial institutions. SWIFT codes are used to identify specific banks and financial institutions, as well as the country in which the bank or institution is located. The SWIFT system also allows for the exchange of payment instructions and confirmation of payments, helping to ensure the accuracy and timely processing of international payments.

How many local currencies does StoneX Payments specialize in?

StoneX Payments specializes in 140+ currencies.

How long do international payments normally take to settle?

International payment settlement times can vary, typically ranging from a few hours to several business days. Factors such as countries involved, payment method, intermediary banks, and compliance requirements influence the duration. 

StoneX Payments can usually guarantee spot delivery within two working days from execution.

What are international payments?

Global payments refer to the ability to transfer money between countries or currencies using electronic payments. This type of payment system allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds quickly and securely internationally.

Does StoneX Payments have a customer support team?

Yes, StoneX Payments has a dedicated multi-lingual customer support team who are available 24/5 to help answer your queries.

How does payment processing work?

Payment processing is the process of verifying and authorizing payments for goods and services.

StoneX: We open markets

Our market expertise, advanced platforms, global reach, culture of full transparency and commitment to our clients’ success all set us apart in the financial marketplace.

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    With access to 36+ derivatives exchanges, 180+ foreign exchange markets, nearly every global securities marketplace and numerous bi-lateral liquidity venues, StoneX’s digital network and deep relationships can take clients anywhere they want to go.

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    From our proprietary Market Intelligence platform, to “boots on the ground” expertise from award-winning traders and professionals, we connect our clients directly to actionable insights they can use to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals in the global markets.

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    As a publicly traded company meeting the highest standards of regulatory compliance in the markets we serve; our financials and record of accomplishment are matters of public record. StoneX’s commitment to “doing the right thing over the easy thing” sets us apart in the industry and helps us build respect, client trust and new partnerships.


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