Walking with StoneX: "Boots on the Ground" Insights on Global Trade

Our deep roots and personal histories in global markets are what sets StoneX apart. We're excited to share "Boots on the Ground," a series where you'll walk alongside experts who've grown up amidst the very industries they now guide.

Dispatches from the global markets

Join us as we go "Boots on the Ground" on a direct and free-ranging tour of the worldwide commodities markets, guided by the people who know them from the inside out. Keep an eye on this space, as we add new episodes, sharing firsthand insights and personal stories from different corners of the commodities markets.


BOTG: A World of Talent

Join our colleague Jacob Rappaport as he reflects on how taking a “boots on the ground” approach to recruitment, at home and abroad, and our partnership with Rollins College and the Women in Finance Program, has helped StoneX to refine the high-touch principles that have come to define us as a company.

BOTG: Wheat & Soybeans (US)

Join us in Ohio, where agriculture isn't just an occupation; it's a way of life for StoneX Regional Director Bailey Elchinger as she navigates the fields that have shaped her family for generations, turning her agricultural insights into your strategic advantage in commodity markets.

BOTG: Sugar & Ethanol (Brazil)

We explore one of the biggest sugar exporters in the world, gaining key insights across production, consumption, purchasing, selling and much more to deliver to our customers.

BOTG: Global Coffee (LatAm)

Join Oscar Schaps, Division President Latin America, StoneX Financial Inc. - FCM Division, and Eileen Stein, Global Head of Market Intelligence, at Schaps’ coffee farm in Guatemala, where our boots on the ground perspective and deep commodities expertise adds unmatched value to our customers across the entire coffee supply chain.

BOTG: EU Dairy (Ireland)

Join Liam Fenton, Managing Director of StoneX Financial Europe S.A.’s Irish Branch, in the countryside of Limerick, County Cork, as he explains the value of getting his boots on the ground of a client’s dairy operations, and how leveraging insights gained while growing up on a dairy farm help him advise “from their side of the table.”

BOTG: Grains (US)

Visit KJA Family Farms with StoneX’s Kyle Schrad, Vice President of Global Dairy and Food Operations, FCM-Division, as he discusses how lessons learned as a boy working on his family farm inform his understanding of how a boots on the ground perspective fosters trust.

BOTG: Base Metals (US)

Our team visits two of our clients, Paragon Steel and SDI LaFarga, to learn about their business and learn behind-the-scenes information to help them achieve their business goals.

StoneX: Boots on the Ground (BOTG)

What sets StoneX apart? Discover how we draw on deep market knowledge and personal connections to deliver an unrivaled advantage to our clients.

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