Carbon trading solutions for a greener future


StoneX offers a full suite of carbon solutions that can help you navigate carbon markets, manage your carbon risks and opportunities, develop decarbonization strategies and monetize the benefits of climate mitigation.

Helping clients transition to a low-carbon future

In order to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments, many institutional and commercial clients have been seeking ways to decarbonize their portfolios. However, many businesses feel ill-equipped to meet the challenge.

This is where StoneX Carbon Solutions steps in. We help businesses transition toward a low-carbon economy successfully and sustainably. Explore our products and services.

Brokerage and trading

  • B2B, OTC and exchange transactions  
  • Access to carbon registries and custody services  
  • Clearing and execution

Advisory services

  • Regulatory and compliance support
  • Carbon accounting (carbon foot printing)
  • Development of carbon management / neutrality strategy
  • Emission-reduction project development
    •   - Project identification
    •   - Project feasibility / eligibility
    •   - Development
    •   - Registration
    •   - Commercialization
  • Carbon-market strategy support to asset owners and buyers
  • Carbon credits’ sourcing / placement strategy
  • Climate-action communication support

Financial solutions

  • Project finance
  • Assets’ monetization
  • Access to funding

Why use StoneX for carbon management initiatives?

Since the development of the exchange-traded platforms, StoneX has helped clients manage risk in many asset classes. This is no different when it comes to carbon. StoneX helps institutional investors use climate mitigation investments as a cost-effective way to meet ESG commitments and mitigate climate risk.

  • We provide access and facilitate physical delivery of carbon credits and emission allowances at major carbon registries globally.
  • We hold memberships and facilitate customer clearing on all the major carbon and renewable energy exchanges.
  • We’ve guided multiple clients through the process of taking and making delivery of physical carbon credits and emissions allowances.

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Our commitment to the environment


Digital carbon credits exchange platform

StoneX has made a long-term commitment to reducing emissions and creating increased transparency in the fast-moving and rapidly changing carbon trading market. StoneX and AirCarbon Pte. Ltd. (ACX) have collaborated to create a digital carbon credits exchange in the United States that will enable clients to access markets and trade carbon over a transparent and seamless solution.

Increasing access to the renewable fuels market

StoneX is member of the Nodal Exchange, which offers renewable fuel credits and pollutants contracts to support an increasing focus on corporate sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Our clients can access these environmental options and futures contracts, which span markets that include sustainable energy, carbon emissions, renewable fuels, and pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide. We are committed to helping our clients access the widest range of commodity-focused contracts to meet their environmentally focused goals.

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What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits are tradable assets that represent 1 ton of carbon dioxide resulting from climate mitigation activities, that either avoid new carbon emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

How do carbon credits work?

To generate a carbon credit, a company must register its climate mitigation project in a market mechanism platform. Once the project is registered and implemented it must be monitored and then verified by an independent third party to ensure that the associated carbon emission avoidance or carbon removal have occurred. Once verified the carbon credits are issued by the market mechanism platform and are ready to be traded. At this point an individual or company can purchase the carbon credits to offset their own emissions. The end goal of carbon credits is to reduce worldwide greenhouse gas emissions and slow down global warming.

What are environmental commodities?

Environmental commodities are financial instruments that represent the environmental benefits derived from activities that aim to reduce environmental impacts or promote sustainability. These commodities encompass a range of instruments, including carbon credits, emission allowances, renewable energy certificates, water conservation credits, and renewable natural gas certificates among others. They play a crucial role in the sustainable development agenda and contribute to the global efforts in combating climate change. 

How do I trade environmental commodities?

Depending on the specific environmental commodity and the market in which it is traded, they can either be traded over the counter in business-to-business basis or through exchange platforms in spot or future transactions. Our team has the expertise to assist you in accessing the markets and meeting your environmental commodities trading needs.
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