Interest rate hedging solutions


StoneX offers a variety of interest rate hedging solutions for both borrowers and lenders to keep you ahead of the changing market.

Hedging solutions for borrowers and lenders

In addition to working directly with borrowers, as a non-bank swap dealer we partner with lenders to expand their offering breadth and help protect their balance sheets. StoneX also caters to an array of currency risk management needs via innovative FX hedging solutions.

Our tailored approach to lower capital costs

Trade directly with us

With an OTC account at StoneX, you’ll be able to execute trades efficiently with our in-house traders. One account gives you access to our deep liquidity in interest rates and currencies, as well as a broad range of OTC commodities.

Market strategy

Approach the market with a long-term plan to manage interest rate risk by:

  • Operating Note, Term Loan, and Pre-Issuance Strategies
  • Executing market or limit orders over time
  • Thoughtful market intelligence to identify timing opportunities
  • Balanced approach to interest rate and liquidity risk management
  • Formulating the appropriate mix of floating or fixed rate debt

OTC interest rates product lineup

With more choices than ever when it comes to structuring debt, the ability to use swaps, caps and floors to your advantage can make a major difference in the total cost of funding. Explore our products.

Interest rate swaps

Customizable derivative contracts to access lower borrowing rates and help manage your exposure to fluctuating interest rates.



Custom amortizing schedules


Term loan hedging out to 15 years


Operating line hedging out to 10 years

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Market Intelligence services


Complete product training

Security service
Security service

Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR) and Euro Interbank Offered Rate (EURIBOR)

Interest rate caps and floors

We enable corporate hedgers, real estate investors and agribusinesses to set rates while minimizing and simplifying the impact they have on a balance sheet.



Simple cap purchase


Interest rate collar


Cap spread

Data replication
Data replication

Embedded floor swap

Why StoneX Interest Rates

Why StoneX?

StoneX is a leader in the interest rate derivatives business, providing straightforward solutions and transparent pricing directly to hedgers. StoneX was the first non-bank company registered provisionally as a swap dealer with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

We combine global market expertise, unique geographical perspectives and our award-winning risk management solutions to help our clients make smarter decisions on market risk and accessing capital.

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What are some ways I can hedge my interest rate risk?

StoneX offers our customers a wide variety of interest rate products to help you manage risk to profitability posed by interest rate risk, including: 

  • Interest rate swaps 
  • Interest rate caps and floors 
  • Hybrid swaps and options 
  • Cap spreads 
  • Dynamic hedging
  • What is interest rate risk?

    Interest rate risk is a function of your exposure to future moves in interest rates, especially when borrowing at a floating rate. For example, a company may borrow at a floating rate, and then use various strategies to hedge against rising rates. 

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