Markets Rate

Global expertise and liquidity for the rates markets

Markets Rate
The StoneX Rates group offers global liquidity, extensive product knowledge and municipal bond market capabilities across the rates markets.

Global interest rate products

The StoneX Rates team is composed of seasoned professionals averaging 15 years of industry experience per member. The desk’s approach combines fundamental thinking with tactical relative value, technical, and time-based analysis to deliver superior service and solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation over time. Product coverage persists around the clock with specialized trading teams operating in both New York and Singapore.

Our StoneX Government Bond Desk is a full-service dealer in all classes of US Treasury securities and a provider of best-in-class futures execution globally across developed bond markets. StoneX’s Rates business is a leading provider of market liquidity on a myriad of E-commerce platforms.

The US Rates team transacted more than $500B in US Treasury volume with nearly 500 counterparties in the first half of 2023.

US Treasury Bonds
  • Treasury notes & bonds
  • Treasury bills & floating rate notes
  • Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS)
  • Zero-coupon bonds (STRIPS)
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Futures exchanges and products
  • CME – US Treasuries, Eurodollars
  • CME – Fed Funds, SOFR
  • ICE – Euribor, Gilt futures
  • Eurex – Euro-Bund futures
Trade access and execution
  • Dedicated sales coverage
  • StoneX Direct on Bloomberg (FCSR)
  • Bloomberg RFQ – FIT / ALLQ
  • Futures & options execution – CME Direct & Trading Technologies
  • US hours full access & overnight orders
Help desk
Trading strategy expertise
  • Benchmark duration, curve, and cash-futures basis
  • Off-the-run duration & spread
  • Futures calendar rolls
Our client-first approach

For the past decade, the success of our clients has been a key driver of growth and a constant benchmark for how we measure our own success. We maintain a commitment to providing clients with personalized service while offering the highest level of value within each market we trade.

Through sustained expansion of product offerings and consistent development of new, innovative solutions, we are focused on continuing to create durable and successful client partnerships.

Rate Tools

Market Intelligence and trading tools

  • Highly tenured sales and trading team
  • Thematic and tactical position recommendations
  • Spline modeling with historicals
  • Benchmark curve relative value models
  • Daily technical analysis and flow reporting
  • Event-driven systematic trading models
1,000+ domestic and international counterparties including:
  • Asset managers
  • Pension funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Insurance companies
  • Bank portfolios
  • State/Municipalities
  • Money market funds

Agency debentures

The StoneX Agency desk is a topflight collection of traders and sales executives bringing ideas and balance sheet to meet the unique needs of more than 500 institutional clients. Our agency traders have more than 50 years of combined experience in the rates markets, each with a niche focus in products and yield curve. Our knowledgeable salesforce takes a team approach in providing clients trade ideas and investment solutions to maximize their investing objectives.

In 2021, StoneX was the 11th largest underwriter of GSE Agency debt, and ranked #2 among all non-primary dealers. We provide consistent bid-side liquidity and maintain one of the largest Agency inventories on Wall Street.

New issue and secondary trading
  • Bullets
  • Callables
  • Floaters
  • Discount notes
Active market makers
  • Federal Home Loan Banks
  • Federal Farm Credit Banks
  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • Farmer Mac
  • TVA, Refcorp, HUD, AID


A full array of debentures from overnight discount notes to 30YR callables, marking one of the largest and broadest inventories in the Street. We tailor our underwriting to the needs of our individual customers across product type, structure and maturity. We bid the GSE auctions daily across all products and are also active in reverse inquiries. StoneX is a selling group member of FHLB, FFCB, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and Farmer Mac. We make markets and offer liquidity across many ATSs and ECNs.

Municipal securities

StoneX’s Municipal Securities department specializes in delivering speed, accuracy and quality execution to our customers in a complex market. We offer a wide array of capital market solutions, including competitive underwriting, sales and trading.

Our seasoned desk of sales and traders monitor the primary market and actively participate in the secondary market trading municipal bonds issued in all 50 states. Our traders and senior underwriters maintain close relationships with numerous institutional buyers to create greater demand, lowering overall costs for our clients. We focus on building strong relationships with our clients, and currently support SMAs, mutual funds, insurance companies, and banks with superior service, daily liquidity and timely trade ideas.

The StoneX municipal securities desks are adding a $150mm Algo trading engine in Q4 of 2023.

Client focus
  • Funds
  • ETFs
  • CEFs
  • SMAs
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • High-net-worth self-directed
Competitive underwriting volume
  • Sole or co-manager on $8B+ in competitive deals.

Repo & collateral financing

The StoneX Matched Book Repo desk provides clients with access to our financing platform offering leverage against their securities positions and an alternative source of funding liquidity. The StoneX platform can both execute creative trade ideas that we generate for our clients and finance those positions following settlement.

We are active across the full spectrum of products from Treasuries/Agy MBS/Agy Debt to IG/HY Corporates and Emerging Market Sovereigns. We equally provide liquidity for counterparties seeking short covering across those products.

StoneX is active in TriParty Repo in the cash market and works closely with our cash-lending clients to build a collateral schedule that fits their requirements.

Active in:

  • Agency MBS
  • Treasuries
  • Corporates
  • Emerging Markets Sovereigns
  • Triparty Repo
  • Short Covering

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Our market expertise, advanced platforms, global reach, culture of full transparency and commitment to our clients’ success all set us apart in the financial marketplace.

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    With access to 36+ derivatives exchanges, 180+ foreign exchange markets, nearly every global securities marketplace and numerous bi-lateral liquidity venues, StoneX’s digital network and deep relationships can take clients anywhere they want to go.

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    From our proprietary Market Intelligence platform, to “boots on the ground” expertise from award-winning traders and professionals, we connect our clients directly to actionable insights they can use to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals in the global markets.

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    As a publicly traded company meeting the highest standards of regulatory compliance in the markets we serve; our financials and record of accomplishment are matters of public record. StoneX’s commitment to “doing the right thing over the easy thing” sets us apart in the industry and helps us build respect, client trust and new partnerships.


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