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We help cotton producers, manufacturers and distributors understand and react to the challenges of weather, policy and supply and demand in the cotton markets.

Guard profits. Explore new markets. Amplify growth.

Cotton is as old as civilization. It clothes, feeds and beautifies our world. The Cotton/Textiles Division of StoneX plays an integral role in worldwide cotton trading activities.

StoneX’s cotton brokers and risk management consultants live and work in the world’s major cotton producing regions, including the United States, Brazil, Australia and China. Our team’s “boots-on-the-ground” presence allows us to support our clients’ needs across the cotton markets.

Our cotton market-focused products and services include:

  • Cotton futures market and options execution
  • Special reports, white papers and quarterly market analysis
  • Cotton price-risk management consulting
  • Market Intelligence
  • Currency and cotton structured pricing products
  • Trade finance

Why choose StoneX?


Boots-on-the-ground presence

Our local experts connect you directly with the worldwide StoneX network – providing multi-channel information flow between your business and the global cotton markets.

Deep cotton markets access

Our recent acquisition of Cotton Distributors Inc. extends and deepens the connections between Brazilian and West African producers and buyers in the APAC regions.

Flexible cotton hedging solutions

We offer you the flexibility of trading via exchange-trade futures and options, cash and forward-market contracts or using custom over-the-counter products.

Global cotton markets reach

StoneX is a Fortune 100 financial services company with offices in six continents, including locations in Miami, São Paulo, Bogotá, London, and Singapore.
Manage cotton price risk and secure your margins with StoneX

Commodities markets are subject to periods of intense volatility and the cotton markets are no different. Weather, government policy, currency fluctuations and other sources of uncertainty pose a threat to margins and cash flow.

At StoneX we view risk management as “job one” when it comes to taking control of your success. And we provide cotton producers and users of cotton products with an array of products to help them implement sound risk management at every point along the supply chain.

Brazil Market Intelligence: Cotton

Uncover exclusive Cotton market reports optimized for the Brazilian market. Available in Portuguese.

Strategic risk management solutions for cotton markets


Commodity risk management

Identify and quantify your risks, track your month-end and year-end hedge positions and educate your staff via daily market information and analysis with StoneX’s Integrated Risk Management Program (IRMP).


Uncover hidden opportunities in the cotton markets, address critical business challenges and create a durable competitive advantage with help from the experts at StoneX’s fibers and textiles consulting team.

Clearing and execution

Access realtime, efficient clearing and execution in the global markets with our regulated futures brokers in the US, UK, Brazil and other countries around the world – with roots in the commodities market reaching back 100 years.
Help desk
Help desk

Over-the-counter markets

Explore the price-risk management benefits of futures and options free of the restrictions of trading on the exchanges. As one of the first non-bank CFTC provisionally-registered swaps dealers, StoneX has the expertise to create flexible OTC solutions that meet your specific needs.

Inventory financing

Benefit from StoneX’s extensive origination, merchandising, logistics and operations experience and get the most out of your fixed assets with seamless sales/repurchase, margin and trade finance programs.

Market Intelligence

Make better strategy and risk management decisions with expert commentary, analysis and realtime data – sourced directly from our cotton markets analysts and trading professionals across six continents.


How do I trade cotton futures?

Cotton futures can be traded on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) or on the Globex platform. Cotton has been a key commodity for nearly 7000 years and is one of the most widely traded commodities worldwide. Its importance in agriculture, textiles and even food products makes cotton an attractive trade for both speculators and hedgers. One cotton futures contract, as quoted on ICE, is equal to 50,000 pounds and is quoted in cents and hundredths per pound. Cotton futures contracts are subject to a daily price limit that can range from 3 to 7 cents per pound.

What are cotton futures?

Cotton futures are exchange-traded contracts in which a buyer agrees to purchase a specific quantity of cotton at a predetermined price on a future delivery date. Cotton futures contracts are commonly used by manufacturers, processors and other businesses in the cotton industry to hedge against commodity price fluctuations. Cotton futures prices are influenced by a variety of factors, including weather patterns, supply and demand, and global economic conditions.
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