Managing forest industry risk

The StoneX Forest Products Team customizes solutions to successfully manage risks impacting the forest industry.
Increased bottom lines and profitability

The StoneX Forest Products Team has significant experience in creating customized solutions to successfully manage a broad spectrum of risks impacting the forest industry. We have developed hedging and risk management programs for companies all along the lumber supply chain, including producing mills, wholesale, distribution, integrated producers and end users.

Lumber market

Our lumber trading specialists have significant forest industry experience and work proactively and collaboratively with you to manage risk and grow your business. Our extensive basis database enables the forest products team to develop detailed quantitative analyses of your products in order to fine tune and enhance lumber hedging strategies.

Why partner with StoneX?

Lumber prices are extremely volatile and, for many, the primary determinant of profitability. Managing lumber price risk is extremely complex due to the staggering number of lengths, widths, grades and species. We help you understand the relationship between futures and the specific products you produce or trade, and develop a program that reduces market risk while managing margins.


Paper and pulp market

Our forest products professionals provide you with the tools you need to manage the risks associated with pulp and paper-based packaging materials. For integrated producers, tools are available to stabilize pulp, linerboard, newsprint, and recycled product prices.

Why partner with StoneX?

The paper market is constantly changing, morphing and developing. Through high-touch relationships and global market insight, we partner with you to understand your business and create a custom hedging plan that increases your ability to forecast. We offer a wide array of derivatives that encompass the NBSK, BHKP, ONP, OCC and Linerboard markets.


Explore our products and services

We help our forest industry companies stabilize input prices and secure margins through the following products and services:

Grains oilseeds light

Market Intelligence

Our expert traders and analysts offer deep global data and incisive commentary to give you the market edge you need.


Clearing and execution

Our clearing and execution team is dedicated to a service of superior quality, total responsibility, and complete transparency in the global marketplace.


OTC products

Our SXM team makes it a priority to understand your business so that we can tailor OTC products to meet your unique risk profile and market views.

Benefits of forest products futures trading

Lumber and paper prices change frequently and drastically due to supply and demand imbalances and natural reasons. The StoneX Forest Products Team provides the experience and market intelligence needed to understand and effectively analyze and predict in this volatile market.

We also have access to specialists that can help mitigate exposure to volatile energy prices, fuel surcharges and foreign exchange rates. Here are three benefits of utilizing the forest products futures market:

  1. Reduce risk of acquiring inventory
  2. Hedge your exposure to price risk
  3. Ability to trade with greater leverage

Speak to our sales team

Talk to a StoneX forest industry professional today to explore your options. Our Forest Industry Team is ready to assist you with your business needs.  

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