Foreign exchange and interest rate risk management solutions

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StoneX offers clients professional FX and interest rate risk management services with access to institutional liquidity and high-touch support.

Connecting clients to the global FX market

Operating in over 185 countries across 140+ currencies, StoneX Pro provides clients around the world with award-winning risk management advisory, and clearing and execution services in virtually all tradable currency pairs and derivative instruments.

Innovative FX hedging solutions tailored to your business challenges

In the global economy, foreign currency risk isn’t limited to corporate giants. We provide mid-size businesses with the ability to hedge their FX exposure as effectively as the largest multinationals, with a level of service the big banks can’t offer.

Our relationships with major banking institutions allow us to search the markets for the best prices possible for our clients. We work with more than 20 liquidity providers to ensure efficient execution. And we have the financial and operational resources that allow you to trade at a fraction of the cost of going in-house.

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Expert hedge strategy advisory services tailored to your FX risk factors

StoneX offers award-winning FX market intelligence and strategic futures and options hedging solutions so that our clients can effectively mitigate loss and protect themselves from volatile exchange rate fluctuations.

Protect against currency volatility with FX forwards, options, and structured products

The FX market is constantly fluctuating due to inflation rates, geopolitical conflict, tourism and international trade. This volatility can create uncertainty for your business, which is why having a proven risk management strategy is critical.

StoneX Pro provides expert advisory in FX forward trade structuring and execution strategy to help manage your currency risk and protect your bottom line. We make hedging with forward contracts simple and accessible to our clients who require cost-effective institutional pricing and liquidity.

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Institutional liquidity and broad market access with StoneX Pro
For efficient market access, flexible FX and CFD liquidity and expert risk management support, StoneX Pro can give you the edge you need to compete in the global markets.

Customized solutions

From hedge funds and regional banks to proprietary trading firms and brokers, StoneX Pro provides our customers with cost-effective, multi-source institutional liquidity. Our solutions and risk management services enable our clients to externalize their liquidity to a team of industry experts and focus on their core business.

Security service
Security service

Liquidity solutions

Access liquidity across 40+ currency pairs and 12,000 CFDs , including spot, forwards, NDF’s and options.
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Cloud monitoring light

Technology solutions

StoneX Pro provides cutting edge technology including platform or API access to institutional grade FX liquidity , as well as a 24-hour global dealing desk to handle any bespoke trading needs.

Our institutional clients

Clients rely on StoneX Pro for access to multi-source institutional liquidity, over 80 currency markets, and our deep expertise in FX, CFDs, and risk management. We have customized offerings for:

  • Hedge funds and asset managers
  • Family offices
  • Corporate hedgers
  • Proprietary hedgers
  • Financial institutions
  • Retail brokers
  • Money services businesses

Stay ahead of interest rate volatility with StoneX Markets

As a leading non-bank, provisionally registered CFTC swap dealer in the US, StoneX can help you:

  • Stay ahead of interest rate volatility
  • Achieve better predictability on your interest rate risk for floating rate loans
  • Fine-turn your ratio of floating-rate to fixed-rate debt
  • Determine your ideal mix of loan products, including interest rate hedging needs
  • Better manage long-term borrowing costs
  • Develop a more advantageous negotiating strategy

Interest rate swaps

Prepare for adverse rate movements and protect your bottom line with interest rate swaps from StoneX. Interest rate swaps provide unique benefits to our clients, including a customizable rate structure, more control over your interest rate exposure and the ability to hedge multiple loans at once.

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What is foreign exchange risk?

Foreign exchange risk refers to the risk that an international financial transaction may incur due to exchange rate fluctuations. Also known as exchange rate risk or FX risk market, it describes the possibility that a business’ financial investment’s value may be impacted due to the relative value of the currencies involved.

How does increased foreign exchange risk affect businesses?

Foreign exchange risk can affect businesses that trade in international markets and also small and medium-sized enterprises. The foreign exchange market is extremely volatile, and this poses increased risks that fall into three categories: transaction exposure, translation exposure, and economic exposure. Transaction exposure arises from the effect that exchange rate fluctuations have on a company’s obligations to make or receive payments denominated in foreign currency. Translation exposure occurs when currency fluctuations affect a company’s consolidated financial statements. Lastly, economic exposure arises when unanticipated exchange rate changes affect a company’s future cash flows and market value. StoneX Pro’s highly experienced risk management specialists can help you lessen the impact of FX risks by creating and executing a tailored risk management plan.

How do FX forwards work?

An FX forward, or currency forward, is a customized contract between two parties in the FX market that locks in the exchange rate for the purchase or sale of a currency on a future date. FX forward contracts are used to hedge foreign currency exchange risk. Since FX forwards are not traded on an exchange, they do not require any upfront margin payment.

What is an FX hedge?

The purpose of a forex hedge is to protect profits against fluctuations in the currencies they’re exposed to, either to the upside or downside. Forex hedging transfers the foreign exchange risk from the business to the entity who agrees to take on the risk.

How can I hedge FX risk to my business?

FX risk can be hedged through a variety of vehicles, including spot FX, forwards, swaps and non-deliverable forwards. StoneX’s ability to act as our clients’ only counterparty allows us to negotiate complex trades and removes the need for clients to enlist multiple prime brokers and liquidity providers.

What are some ways I can hedge my interest rate risk?

StoneX offers our customers a wide variety of interest rate products to help you manage risk to profitability posed by interest rate risk, including: 

  • Interest rate swaps 
  • Interest rate caps and floors 
  • Hybrid swaps and options 
  • Cap spreads 
  • Dynamic hedging
  • What is interest rate risk?

    Interest rate risk is a function of your exposure to future moves in interest rates, especially when borrowing at a floating rate. For example, a company may borrow at a floating rate, and then use various strategies to hedge against rising rates. 
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