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The StoneX Cocoa Team draws on our extensive global network and market expertise to help with hedging strategies and improve pricing for producers, exporters, importers, traders and end users alike.

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Cocoa risk management

In today’s world of razor-thin margins and extreme price volatility, cocoa businesses need a reliable risk management strategy with a partner they can trust.

Futures clearing and execution

Explore cocoa and other commodity futures clearing and execution from a leading global FCM.

OTC trading

We offer customized cocoa OTC products to match your specific business risk profile, with various benefits over exchange-traded products.

Cocoa market insights

Access technical and fundamental analysis for the global cocoa markets, price data, breaking news, incisive commentary and more.

Manage cocoa price risk volatility and protect margins with StoneX

Climate, currency fluctuation, regulation and fickle consumer demand all combine to make the cocoa market one of the most volatile of the commodity markets. This volatility can eat up already thin margins, frustrate long-term planning and hurt the bottom line. Fortunately, an effective risk management strategy can provide producers, co-ops, importers and end users with opportunities to manage their cocoa commodity price risk, as well as protect their margins and enhance their profits.

Manage cocoa price risk

A customer-centric approach to price risk management

We understand that cocoa markets can be volatile, and swings in the prices of cocoa can determine whether a business earns a profit or suffers a loss. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with our clients to create highly tailored price-risk management programs that help them protect their margins, manage volatility, and benefit their bottom lines.


Why choose StoneX?

StoneX is more than a service provider or cocoa broker – we are your partner. Our goal is to help offer the right solutions that propel your business forward and outperform the competition.

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High-touch service

We go out in the field to talk directly with cocoa growers and co-ops, importers, and end users about their businesses.


Custom pricing solutions

We offer hedge price structures within physical purchase and sale contracts that simplify accounting processes.

Price-risk management expertise

Experience a full set of tools to manage your price risk, from exchange-traded cocoa futures and options to currency price-risk management and trade financing.

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Global reach

As a Fortune 100 company, we have over 80 offices around the world across six continents, including locations in Miami, Brazil, Colombia, London and Singapore.

Servicing clients across the cocoa supply chain

We help companies protect their profit margins across the entire cocoa supply chain – from producers and importers/exporters to processors and international food companies.


In such a volatile market, exporters and importers of cocoa need a partner they can trust. StoneX has boots on the ground in key import/export regions, combining our global expertise with local presence.


Cocoa processors need to develop effective risk management strategies to mitigate the impact of price fluctuations on their profitability. StoneX provides a wide array of hedging tools tailored to your unique operation.


At StoneX, we understand that the cocoa markets are volatile and that many factors affect your operation’s success. We arm producers and cooperatives with essential tools they need to manage risk and boost their bottom line.
cocoa market intelligence
Make market insights your edge
Make informed and strategic decisions that propel your business forward with StoneX's Market Intelligence. We give producers, importers/exporters, traders and end-users of cocoa access to award-winning insights, real time market data and essential global supply and demand data across the Americas, Europe and Africa.

Sale and repurchase program

For clients that need working capital to build their business, StoneX offers a commodity sale and repurchase program that can provide incremental liquidity.


Cocoa Market Intelligence

Access comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis for the global cocoa markets, along with incisive commentary from our team of analysts.
Cocoa Market Intelligence

Discover more insights

Dive into comprehensive market analysis from StoneX spanning commodities, equities, currencies and more.

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What are cocoa futures?

Cocoa futures are exchange-traded contracts in which a buyer agrees to purchase a specific quantity of cocoa at a predetermined price on a future delivery date. Cocoa futures contracts are commonly used by manufacturers, processors and other businesses in the cocoa industry to hedge against commodity price fluctuations. Cocoa futures prices are influenced by a variety of factors, including weather patterns, supply and demand, and global economic conditions.

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