Commodity procurement management

StoneX procurement teams are experts at mitigating risks and managing all stages of the procurement process, from sourcing to settlement.

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We understand your whole business

In our experience, the most successful companies take a holistic approach to managing their commodity exposure. Nearly a century of working with commodity clients and our active involvement in commodity supply chains has taught us almost every aspect of your business.

We combine sophisticated market risk management, commodity expertise, infrastructure and working capital to address your needs.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients

StoneX specialists understand supply chain procurement management challenges and leverage extensive market access and unapparelled expertise to help food, livestock and industrial buyers of commodities overcome them. Specifically, we work hand-in-hand with clients to:

  • Set and achieve budget goals
  • Protect margins from commodity price volatility
  • Analyze and improve logistics and storage
  • Develop and execute short- and long-term procurement strategies
  • Defend and expand market share by reaching further into the supply chain

We connect our clients to the commodity markets that impact their costs

StoneX connects clients to extensive commodity market expertise, starting with a comprehensive market intelligence offering that includes dairy, grains, meats and livestock, softs, cotton, energy and metals. Partnerships are the supply chain’s lifeblood, and we have spent decades building and evaluating supplier relationships in order to effectively and efficiently manage our clients’ supply chain business operations.


We are commodity pricing experts

Successful purchasing decisions require comprehensive, timely data and analysis. Our team of experienced market professionals will dynamically assess market conditions and utilize a full range of strategies to obtain the best price for our clients. Let the StoneX professionals go to work and provide you with tools and platforms to track commodities pricing and outlook.

What We Do - Commodity procurement

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From sourcing to settlement

StoneX offers a flexible, yet stable commodity procurement management system tailored to your business needs. We simplify the process by offering the following services:

  • Risk management
  • Hedge strategy
  • Market intelligence
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Data management & analytics

Boots on the Ground: Grains (US)

Visit KJA Family Farms with StoneX’s Kyle Schrad, Vice President of Global Dairy and Food Operations, FCM-Division, as he discusses how lessons learned as a boy working on his family farm inform his understanding of how a boots on the ground perspective fosters trust.

Visit KJA Family Farms with StoneX’s Kyle Schrad, Vice President of Global Dairy and Food Operations, FCM-Division, as he discusses how lessons learned as a boy working on his family farm inform his understanding of how a boots on the ground perspective fosters trust.
Market Intelligence: Recent articles

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Dive into comprehensive market analysis from StoneX spanning commodities, equities, currencies and more.


What is procurement in supply chain management?

Procurement is the process of obtaining or purchasing goods or services, typically pertaining to business purposes. This process requires preparation, solicitation and payment processing. Procurement involves strategy and competitive bidding, and StoneX professionals are experts in procurement management.

How does commodity pricing work?

Commodity pricing is determined by fundamental factors and supply and demand. The commodity marketplace is extremely volatile because factors such as economic events, environmental changes, consumer preferences and governmental policies can all trigger waves of buying and selling, and affect the cost of certain commodities. Supply and demand can also play a huge role in commodity market pricing because when supply is low, demand is high, which leads to higher prices. When supply is high and demand is low, then prices drop.

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