Debt and equity capital markets services


Embrace market opportunities with comprehensive capital market services with StoneX.

Creative, customized debt and equities capital markets expertise

Obtaining optimal capital raising and capital funding outcomes for our clients


Capital markets services

Top-tier banking expertise and global capabilities for sourcing capital and securing financing solutions.

Capital introduction

Leverage our extensive industry expertise and relationships to identity managers, investors, and opportunities.

Market making

Liquidity when and where you need it. Ranked #1 market maker in OTC ADRs since 2015.

Why StoneX?

Our capital markets team stands ready to help you navigate the equity and debt markets.

We consult closely with our clients and provide guidance to help them obtain their desired results for their business.

Our business model affords us the ability to deploy our intellectual capital toward our clients’ needs and wants. Our geographic reach and “boots-on-the-ground” network enable us to access capital funding venues unsourced by other platforms.

StoneX Capital Markets

The StoneX advantage

Harness market-making leadership, unlock capital introduction opportunities, and secure globally acknowledged capital market services with StoneX.

  • Razor-focus

    Seamless access to global investor base for early stage and middle market enterprises 
  • Put-away power

    $5 billion fixed income balance sheet 
  • A stable partner you can trust for the long haul

    Nasdaq-listed, BB rated company with 100-year history in the markets 
  • Capabilities across multiple product lines

    Creative solutions for loans, bonds, converts, private credit, SPACs and liability management
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Clients we serve:

  • Banks
  • Broker-dealers
  • Financial institutions
  • Pension funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds
  • Hedge funds
  • Public and private credit

Markets covered

We offer our clients access to a wide range of markets including equities, fixed income, OTC, foreign exchange, and commodities.


Why use the capital markets services team at StoneX?

Each stage of your company’s growth presents new challenges and opportunities for raising money. The StoneX capital markets team stands ready to help you navigate the equity and debt markets.

Because our services are bespoke, we can provide a tailored capital raise process that meets our clients’ cash flow needs, aids in corporate development and enhances value. We work as agents for our clients allowing our sole focus is to maximize client success on every deal.

What differentiates StoneX’s capital markets services?

StoneX's capital markets team stand out for their customized and creative approach to funding and financing solutions in the debt and equity capital market landscapes. Our comprehensive offerings include loans, bonds, converts, private credit, SPACs, and liability management. StoneX's global reach and extensive network make it possible to access untapped funding venues, and our focus on our clients' unique needs ensures tailored strategies that maximize their success.

How does StoneX’s capital introduction service bring value to my business?

StoneX's capital introduction service leverages profound industry insights and relationships to connect you with the right managers, prospective investors, and unique opportunities. This can open doors to new growth prospects and enhance your business's financial position. It's not just about introducing parties; it's about creating connections that foster growth and success for your enterprise.
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