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StoneX’s market intelligence and hedging services help fertilizer businesses and consumers identify and prioritize risks, and then employ strategies to reduce them.

Why StoneX?

Fertilizer is an essential input of the agricultural production cycle. StoneX offers a comprehensive suite of futures that cover the most widely traded fertilizers—nitrogen and phosphate. Production issues can quickly and suddenly tighten global supplies. It is crucial for retailers and farmers to protect themselves in this volatile industry by forward contracting both grain and fertilizer.

As global demand for food grows, so will fertilizer’s role in the agricultural commodity complex. Whether you’re a fertilizer producer, fertilizer distributor, or fertilizer consumer, as a fortune 100 financial services network with global reach, it’s time to make our market intelligence and hedging services part of your approach to this critical marketplace.

Our clients

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Fertilizer manufacturers

  • Hedge physical product through financial risk management
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Fertilizer distributors/retailers

  • Protect margins in volatile markets
  • Implement cross selling strategies between grain and agronomy departments
  • Protect market share
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Fertilizer consumers

  • Manage input costs
  • Engage in profitable grower programs

Fertilizers Market Intelligence

Make more informed decisions with access to fertilizer market analysis, breaking news, global coverage and price data from our team of analysts.

Explore our products and services

Adverse fertilizer price fluctuations damage bottom line results; however, utilizing the commodity risk management products and services from StoneX can protect, and possibly enhance, profit margins.

Financial instruments for trading fertilizer commodities

StoneX is pioneering the OTC fertilizer markets, providing the fertilizer value chain with another tool to control that key input price. We offer many different risk management solutions across a variety of products using exchange traded futures, OTC products or a combination of both in the following markets:

  • Fertilizer
  • Energy
  • Weather
  • Fuel
  • Foreign exchange

Brazil Market Intelligence: Fertilizers

Uncover exclusive Fertilizers market reports optimized for the Brazilian market. Available in Portuguese.
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Dive into comprehensive market analysis from StoneX spanning commodities, equities, currencies and more.
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