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StoneX’s Fixed Income division is focused on delivering best-in-class, high-touch services to help support our clients’ strategic business objectives and portfolio goals.

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Drawing on decades of expertise and the financial strength of parent company StoneX Group Inc., our Global Fixed Income Group provides consistent liquidity across a robust array of fixed income products to a broad range of institutional clients.


Rates products

The StoneX Rates Group provides institutional clients with extensive product knowledge, sales and trading in the rates markets and access to global liquidity opportunities. The StoneX Municipal Securities team offers a wide array of capital market solutions, including competitive underwriting, sales and trading. Our products and capabilities include:

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Global interest rate products
Agency debt
Municipal securities
Repo and collateral financing

Credit products

The StoneX Credit Trading desk provides clients worldwide with robust trading of credit products designed to outperform benchmarks and discover overlooked assets in an ever-changing market.

Our network of credit professionals across the globe covers corporate and sovereign debt, actively trades in every sector, offers advisory and restructuring expertise, and provides local coverage from more than 40+ StoneX regional office locations.

We can assist you with:

Credit products

Agency MBS

The Agency MBS desk carries an extensive inventory and trades a full range of mortgage products in the secondary markets, including Agency Pass-Throughs/Spec Pools, Agency CMBS and Agency CMOs. We offer specialized, high-touch support to our clients so they can meet their business objectives.

We are also active in new issue GeMS, DUS and Ginnie Project loans and provide value through tailoring bonds to fit specific yield and duration targets for our clients.


Structured credit

The Structured Credit Group delivers superior liquidity and service to clients by leveraging our deep market expertise and relationships cultivated over decades of experience, across a broad spectrum of products. We can help you achieve all your funding, liquidity, and risk management objectives.


Structured credit sales and trading:

  • RMBS
  • CRT
  • ABS
  • CMBS
  • CLOs

Structured credit banking:

  • Cross product securitization
  • Private credit and advisory services
  • Private credit advisory
  • Convertible bond issuance
  • Public and 144a bond issuance
  • Special situations advisory
  • Liability management services
  • Reg S
Debt capital markets
The StoneX Debt Capital Markets group (DCM) offers a full range of primary origination services to its corporate clients. With a 30-year track record of proven execution in the market, we focus on areas where we can add the most value for our institutional clients: providing liquidity, sourcing assets, timely execution and new idea generation. Leveraging the bulge bracket background of its partners and StoneX’s global distribution capabilities, we can devise and execute creative financing solutions in:

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What are some of the risks associated with fixed income investments?

Fixed income investments are not without risks. One risk is interest rate risk, which occurs when interest rates rise, causing the value of fixed income investments to decline. Other risks include credit risk, liquidity risk, and inflation risk. It's important for investors to understand these risks and choose investments that align with their investment goals and risk tolerance.

Where does StoneX trade fixed income securities?

The Fixed Income Division of StoneX has traders and analysts around the world with offices on several continents. We offer our clients the ability to trade fixed income securities around the world, ranging from U.S. government bonds to emerging market sovereign debt in Latin America, Central America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. We provide our clients with trading execution, product knowledge, and investment analysis across these regions by relying on the deep market knowledge of our traders, salesforce and research analysts.

How do interest rates affect fixed income investments?

Interest rates have a significant impact on fixed income investments because they determine the yield that the investment will provide. When interest rates rise, the yield on fixed income investments also increase whereas the prices fall, making them more attractive to investors. Conversely, when interest rates fall, the yield on fixed income investments decreases, which can make them less appealing to investors.

What are the benefits of investing in fixed income securities?

Fixed income investments provide stable income streams and are generally considered less risky than other types of investments, such as stocks. They also offer a predictable return on investment, which can be attractive for investors who are looking for steady income or want to protect their wealth.

What types of fixed income products does StoneX specialize in?

StoneX trades in a broad range of fixed income products, offering liquidity in U.S. Government and Agency Debt (including Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds, and Treasury Bills), Securitized Products (including asset-backed securities, pass-through MBS, collateralized mortgage obligations, and collateralized debt obligations), municipal securities, convertible debt, U.S. credit, and emerging and frontier market sovereign debt.

How can investors diversify their fixed income investments?

Investors can diversify their fixed income investments by investing in a variety of fixed income products, such as bonds, Treasury securities, and money market funds. They can also diversify by investing in fixed income products with varying maturities and credit ratings. By diversifying, investors can spread their risk and potentially improve their overall investment returns.

How much does the policy of the Federal Reserve affect the movement of a bond’s price?

The Federal Reserve policies do not directly change the prices of corporate bonds, but they can influence the overall bond market greatly. Certain bonds, specifically longer-term investment grade bonds, are sensitive to changes in yield and will react considerably to fed policies. That’s not the case for all bonds, as instruments such as distressed bonds generally are not affected by fed policies.

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