10 Gold bars stacked in neat rows from the StoneX Bullion precious metals division

Global precious metals solutions

10 Gold bars stacked in neat rows from the StoneX Bullion precious metals division

Access a full suite of precious metals trading services, including OTC spot/forwards, swaps, options, margin trading, benchmark pricing, API solutions, clearing and custody, financing, loco swaps, gold, silver, platinum and palladium futures trading, EFPs, vaulting, storage and consignment.

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Metals physical trading

We offer a comprehensive range of metals physical trading capabilities and provide financing, warehousing and deliveries for gold, silver and platinum group metals.

Execution, clearing and custody

Our comprehensive suite of institutional-grade execution, clearing and custody services delivers broad exchange access and transparency to precious metals clients worldwide.

Financial metals trading

We offer a range of financial trading solutions for precious metals clients including spot trading, forward contracts, location swaps, options, leases, hedging structures and more.

Metals vaulting and storage

We offer secure, competitively priced global vaulting and storage solutions in gold, silver and platinum group metals for our clients.


Experience real-time foreign exchange pricing, global liquidity, and exceptional client support all in one powerful precious metals trading platform.

StoneX Bullion

Buy, sell, and invest in high-quality and sought-after coins and bullion bars. White label and API solutions for financial advisors available.

Discover opportunity with StoneX Precious Metals

The worldwide markets for precious metals have never been more competitive, volatile or complex. StoneX’s Precious Metals Team pairs deep understanding of global market dynamics with local intelligence to help you protect margins, grow your business and enhance profitability.

We provide clients with a full-service precious metals trading capability and global commodities trading access through offices in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States. We are also a reliable and competitive wholesaler in the form of London good-delivery bars, investment bars, bullion & special coins, grains and ore. From buying scrap and semi-refined metal with attractive payment terms to helping you hedge physical positions or take a directional view on the markets, we’re here to help you succeed with innovative offerings that drive results for your business. StoneX is also a base metals trading provider, with our Base Metals Team specializing in aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, and tin products.


  • London Bullion Market Association
  • London Platinum and Palladium Market Association
  • Clearing and Execution Members of the CME
  • Singapore Bullion Market Association
  • Trade Members of the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange


We offer a wide variety of services for our clients, including vaulting and storage, clearing, financing, and financial trading such as gold futures, forward contracts and option instruments.


We provide access to liquidity across the silver markets with PMXecute®, vaulting and storage services and financial trading such as silver futures, forwards, options and spot trading.

Platinum group metals

As a member of the Platinum Group Metals auction and London Platinum and Palladium Market Association, we have the deep market expertise and financial/physical trading capabilities you need.

Explore our innovative service offerings

  • Trading

    Clients can access markets through high-touch trading and advisory services and our convenient electronic trading platform. We provide follow-the-sun order services from the Asia open to the New York close, along with flexible API solutions that offer executable OTC and physical pricing for our clients’ own trading systems and web-shops. StoneX also delivers reliable flow execution across commodities derivatives through our sales and trading solutions.

  • Execution

    We leverage StoneX’s global operations, logistics and IT infrastructure capabilities to provide seamless execution – including financing, warehousing and deliveries for physical transactions across the globe.

  • Payments

    We offer customized foreign exchange and payments services in more than 140 local currencies, highly competitive rates, seamless access to our electronic platform along with 24-hour service from dedicated staff across the globe.

Sunset view of the New York City skyline, highlighting the global reach of StoneX's innovative service offerings in trading, execution, and payments

Elevate your precious metals trading with StoneX

Our physical trading capabilities

  • Bullion bars such as LBMA and non-LBMA large bars, kilo bars, 100 grams, tola bars
  • Bullion coins and collectible products
  • Semi-refined products and doré
  • Scrap
  • Off-take arrangements
Two stacks of gleaming gold, representing the diverse physical trading capabilities at StoneX, including LBMA and non-LBMA bars, kilo bars, coins, collectibles, semi-refined products, doré, and scrap

Our financial trading capabilities

  • Spot trading in multiple currencies
  • Margin trading facilities
  • Forward contracts
  • Option instruments
  • Location swaps (multiple)
  • Leases
  • Consignment accounts
  • Hedging structures
  • Ability to price and make payments in foreign currencies
  • Futures clearing and execution
  • API trading
Professional trader intently analyzing financial data on a computer screen, exemplifying StoneX's diverse financial trading capabilities: spot trading, margin facilities, forward contracts, options, location swaps, leases, consignment accounts, hedging structures, and API trading

PMXecute® trading platform

Experience real-time competitive pricing in both precious metals and foreign exchange on a simple, reliable, intuitive and secure trading platform. Backed by StoneX’s global team of metals professionals, we provide global access to liquidity across all time zones and unparalleled client support.

  • Real-time competitive pricing in both precious metals and foreign exchange
  • Easy-to-access live position analytics and margin monitoring
  • Online order functionality
  • Real-time order viewing and tracking
  • Seamless execution
  • London gold, silver, platinum and palladium auction orders
  • Price feed available via our suite of flexible API solutions
Finance background with PMXecute logo

Access award-winning Market Intelligence

Stay a step ahead of the competition with access to award-winning precious metals commentary and research reports generated by our industry experts. Our Head of Research EMEA & Asia, Rhona O’Connell, has over 30 years’ experience as a commodity analyst and is a recognized authority in the precious metals sector. In 2019, Rhona was recognized as a Top Precious Metals Analyst by LBMA and Metal Bulletin.
Laptop displaying StoneX Market Intelligence article on precious metals
Row of secure metal boxes with gold locks, symbolizing safe and secure storage for valuable items

Precious metals vaulting & storage solutions

StoneX offers its clients secure global vaulting and storage solutions. We provide fully segregated holdings of gold, silver and platinum group metals held in high-security vaults at various locations across the globe.

Choosing a StoneX precious metals depository means your assets are secure, fully insured and independently audited. Our experienced global team can provide you with exceptional coverage and service.

Our services include:

  • Access to many brands, bars, and coins
  • Global storage services customized to meet your needs
  • Competitively priced solutions

Who we serve

We work with all types of clients in the metals industry and clients with exposure to the market, including:

  • Bullion wholesalers & traders
  • Refiners & smelters
  • Banks & financial institutions
  • Equipment manufacturers 
  • Mining companies
  • Pharmaceutical & industrial users 
  • Oil & gas 
  • Electronics
  • Recyclers 
  • Transportation
  • Wholesalers & retailers 
  • Investors 

Why choose precious metals services at StoneX?

We earn our clients' business and trust by offering expertise, extensive product coverage, global reach and access to markets that few other firms can match. Our "boots on the ground" mentality emphasizes the importance of local connections within the markets, putting us at the forefront of precious metal investment companies.

At StoneX, we take an entrepreneurial, flexible, and agile approach to providing real-time solutions to our clients in the gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets. Our comprehensive precious metals services include financial trading such as gold and silver contracts, as well as physical trading and access to our advanced institutional-grade precious metals trading platform (PMXecute). We provide tailored solutions for your business such as futures contracts, clearing and custody, OTC spot/forwards, margin trading, precious metals consultation services, storage and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help meet your business goals in the dynamic precious metals markets.

Why choose StoneX Precious Metals

Our clients

The Precious Metals Team at StoneX is focused on providing tangible results for our clients worldwide across the entire precious metals supply chain.

Refiners and smelters

The StoneX Precious Metals Team assists refiners and smelters with robust physical trading capabilities for bullion bars, semi-refiner products, scrap and more, along with financial trading and seamless execution.

Banks and financial institutions

Banks and financial institutions can benefit from our vast precious metals trading capabilities, global liquidity and fully secure global vaulting and storage services customized to your business.

Mining companies

Mining companies around the globe choose StoneX for our full suite of financial and physical precious metals services across gold, silver, platinum group metals.

Our global reach opens markets

StoneX Group Inc. connects clients with the global markets across all asset classes – providing execution, post-trade settlement, clearing and custody services through one trusted partner. A publicly traded company (NASDAQ: SNEX) headquartered in New York City, StoneX and its 3,600+ employees serve more than 54,000 commercial, institutional and payments clients, along with 400,000+ self-directed customers from more than 80 offices across six continents.


Should I invest in precious metals?

Investing in precious metals can be a prudent financial strategy, providing a diverse range of options for those looking to safeguard their assets and hedge against inflation. As a reputable gold and silver trading company, we offer a platform for individuals to conveniently buy and sell precious metals online. Our expertise extends to various aspects of precious metals trading, including gold contract futures, silver contracts, and gold futures.

For those seeking secure storage solutions, our precious metal vault and storage facilities ensure the utmost protection for physical precious metals. As a trusted name among precious metal storage companies, we prioritize the safety and integrity of your investments. Additionally, our precious metals brokerage group specializes in connecting clients with opportunities to trade precious metals, offering services such as precious metals brokerage and clearing.

Investors can explore the benefits of precious metals investment funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) focused on gold and other precious metals. These investment vehicles provide flexibility and accessibility to a diversified portfolio.

Whether you are interested in metal ETFs, futures contracts, or physical gold, our comprehensive services cover a spectrum of metal investments.

How do I invest in precious metals?

Investing in precious metals can be done through various methods, including purchasing physical metals such as coins or bullion through a precious metals dealer such as StoneX Bullion, or trading in the precious metals markets, such as through gold futures.  

Gold futures are contracts that allow investors to speculate on the future price of gold. These contracts are traded on a commodities exchange and are a popular way for traders to gain exposure to the precious metals market. If you are interested in trading precious metals, get in contact with our team today.

What are precious metals?

Precious metals refer to a group of naturally occurring metallic elements that are highly valued for their scarcity and economic utility. The most recognized precious metals include gold, silver, platinum and palladium. These metals are highly sought after for a variety of applications, including jewelry, industrial manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceutical and investment purposes.
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    From our proprietary Market Intelligence platform, to “boots on the ground” expertise from award-winning traders and professionals, we connect our clients directly to actionable insights they can use to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals in the global markets.

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    As a publicly traded company meeting the highest standards of regulatory compliance in the markets we serve; our financials and record of accomplishment are matters of public record. StoneX’s commitment to “doing the right thing over the easy thing” sets us apart in the industry and helps us build respect, client trust and new partnerships.


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