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StoneX assists clients in improving margins with customizable livestock OTC products, futures/options trading and expert advisory.

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OTC trading

Leverage our meats and livestock OTC trading expertise for customized hedging options tailored to your operation.

Meats and livestock consulting

High-touch consulting and advisory services employing hedging strategies like live cattle futures to mitigate risk and improve margins.

Livestock insurance

Utilize USDA dairy and livestock insurance programs and proven risk management strategies to protect revenue and lock in potential profits.

Meats and livestock market insights

Access key inventory, production and sales and market data, along with critical market insights for the beef and pork markets.

Manage risk.
Maximize margins.

The livestock and protein industry faces constant price and business margin volatility. StoneX’s Livestock and Meats group has the expertise to help reduce price risk across all segments of the supply chain, from producers and processors to manufacturers and end users.

As a trusted meats and livestock advisor and dedicated partner, we assist you with identifying market exposure, and connect you with tailored financial solutions such as exchange-traded livestock futures/options and OTC products. Our goal is to help you manage meat and livestock commodity price risk, maximize your business strength and outperform the competition.

Expertise and support for the entire supply chain

At StoneX, we provide high-touch service and expert advisory across the entire meat and livestock supply chain – from production to consumption. Our clients include hog and cattle producers, processors, feed lot operations and packing plants, all the way to restaurants, grocers and retail outlets. Since every client’s needs are different, we tailor our approach based on your unique business requirements and market exposure.

Meat buyers and food service operators: Manage risk with customized products

Some of these livestock products include:

  • Pork carcass cutout
  • Pork bellies
  • Hams
  • Pork and beef trimmings
  • Pork butt primal
  • Pork back ribs

Wholesalers, distributors, food service operators and retail buyers have all faced increased volatility and higher prices in recent years. In many cases, suppliers have shifted the price risk of meats and commodities back onto you, the buyer.

That’s where StoneX comes in. We offer a full suite of meat and livestock swaps that match your company’s specific price risk and have the flexibility to be customized to your needs, including volumes, tenors, settlement styles and more. As one of the first few non-bank swap dealers to offer this product line, we are uniquely positioned to connect you with products tailored to your business.

Livestock and meat processors:
Manage margin risk with specialized OTC products

Livestock and meat processors face a unique challenge managing margin risk associated with buying inputs and marketing outputs that may not be tradable on a futures exchange. StoneX Markets offers a full suite of OTC products which may match your company’s specific price risk even better than existing standardized livestock futures products. To learn more about how StoneX can help you mitigate price risk and boost margins, contact our team below.

Meats and Livestock Market Intelligence

Turn information into opportunity with access to key livestock inventory and production data, sales data charts, exclusive markets reports from our analysts and more.

Livestock producers: The expertise and market insights you need to succeed

With extremely volatile margins, cattle, swine and poultry producers need a partner they can count on. StoneX’s livestock and meats experts help bring a more structured process to managing your profit margins.

We specialize in utilizing futures, options and OTC products to mitigate the risk associated with live cattle, feeder cattle, lean hog and many feed ingredients.

Full-service consulting and advisory
Assistance with strategy formation, market recommendations, record keeping and award-winning market intelligence.
Cattle basis swaps
Leverage basis swaps on regional cash cattle markets, offering you a way to manage basis without the disadvantages of a contract direct to the packer.
Farm Advantage mobile app
Essential ag market insights in the palm of your hand. Explore cash bids, premium weather, market intelligence, profit calculators and more.
Cattle and hog crush spreads
Our model uses specific ratios of inputs and outputs to protect your gross margins for your feeding period or production cycle.
Get the edge you need with Farm Advantage
Essential ag market insights in the palm of your hand. Explore cash bids, premium weather, market intelligence, profit calculators and more.

Brazil Market Intelligence: Livestock

Uncover exclusive Livestock market reports optimized for the Brazilian market. Available in Portuguese.

Our clients

Our Meats and Livestock group specializes in offering customized hedging solutions that best align with your business requirements and contribute to your long-term success.

Why choose StoneX?

As a Fortune 100 financial services network (NASDAQ: SNEX) with roots in agriculture dating back a century, we deeply understand the needs of our clients – from producers all the way to end users. With a client-first mentality, we make it our priority to know the ins and outs of your business on a personal level and provide customized market solutions and expertise to help you manage volatility, control risk and improve margins.

Lessons from the Farm: US Food and Dairy

Visit KJA Family Farms with StoneX’s Kyle Schrad, Vice President of Global Dairy and Food Operations, FCM-Division, as he discusses how lessons learned as a boy working on his family farm inform his understanding of how a boots on the ground perspective fosters relationships and trust with his clients.

Visit KJA Family Farms with StoneX’s Kyle Schrad, Vice President of Global Dairy and Food Operations, FCM-Division, as he discusses how lessons learned as a boy working on his family farm inform his understanding of how a boots on the ground perspective fosters trust.
Meats and livestock Market Intelligence

Discover more insights

Dive into comprehensive market analysis from StoneX spanning commodities, equities, currencies and more.

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What is livestock risk protection?

Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) allows livestock businesses to acquire insurance coverage for their cattle, safeguarding them from unfavorable shifts in cattle market prices. This tool aims to sustain efficient management of financial performance and overall profitability.

StoneX’s price-risk management professionals work with you to optimize your LRP coverage to fit your business operations and needs. Contact us for more information.

What are livestock futures?

Livestock futures are a type of financial contract that enables investors to speculate on the future price of livestock commodities, such as cattle, hogs, and pork bellies. These contracts are traded on commodity futures exchanges and enable investors to lock in a price for the delivery of livestock at a future date.

Livestock futures are used by farmers, meat packers, processors and traders to hedge against the risks of price volatility in the livestock market. By locking in the price of a future delivery, these market participants can better manage their risks and plan their operations with greater certainty.

StoneX: We open markets

Our market expertise, advanced platforms, global reach, culture of full transparency and commitment to our clients’ success all set us apart in the financial marketplace.

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    With access to 36+ derivatives exchanges, 180+ foreign exchange markets, nearly every global securities marketplace and numerous bi-lateral liquidity venues, StoneX’s digital network and deep relationships can take clients anywhere they want to go.

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    From our proprietary Market Intelligence platform, to “boots on the ground” expertise from award-winning traders and professionals, we connect our clients directly to actionable insights they can use to make more informed decisions and achieve their goals in the global markets.

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    As a publicly traded company meeting the highest standards of regulatory compliance in the markets we serve; our financials and record of accomplishment are matters of public record. StoneX’s commitment to “doing the right thing over the easy thing” sets us apart in the industry and helps us build respect, client trust and new partnerships.


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