Managing risk in soybeans

Let seasoned StoneX professionals design and deliver a comprehensive suite of risk management solutions to address your business needs and achieve your business goals.

Soybeans solutions

At every stage of the soybeans production chain, market participants face a risk of adverse price movements caused by market vagaries and fluctuations in supply and demand. Soybeans futures and options provide a means to manage this risk and take advantage of potential profit opportunities.

Commodity risk management

Our soybeans team offers innovative risk-management tools to mitigate risk including exchange-traded futures and options, cash and forward-market contracts, and customized over-the-counter products. Let our seasoned consultants build a risk-management program tailored to your needs, and then work closely with you to execute it.

Technology & clearing

We work with investors, trading advisors, custodians, portfolio accounting groups, and fund administrators to provide customized reports and files for all activity, open positions, and money balances. Dedicated Customer Service groups allow 24-hour account access via our MyStoneX web-based portal.


Trade Allocation

A comprehensive module for auto-allocation that offers the flexibility to break down trades for both internal accounts and outside firms.

Automated Average Price System

Allows easier, more equitable distribution of trades among your customers on execution at multiple prices.
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Our web-based system that provides clients an easy to interact with StoneX around the clock.

Specialized foreign exchange

Our capacity includes foreign exchange services to international aid and development organizations, UN agencies, NGOs, religious entities, governmental agencies, multinational corporations, and financial institutions in over 175 countries, with expertise in exotic currency payments and payments to the developing world.

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Why StoneX?

StoneX risk management consultants have in-depth expertise in the supply-and-demand situation for specific commodities, access to our extensive proprietary database and detailed historical knowledge, and substantial experience creating and using innovative risk-management tools.

We've spent decades developing and designing financial solutions, tools, and platforms to help companies manage risk, meet budget restrictions and reduce market volatility. Let our specialist help you grow your bottom line.

Our clients

Our Grains and Oilseeds Group is here to advise and provide soybean clients the tools and services necessary to understand risk and the risk management process. After assessing your needs and risk tolerance, we'll design a program that reflects your objectives.

Soybean producers

We offer soybean producers global reach, local expertise, grain marketing strategies and powerful margin-tracking tools. As one of the largest U.S.-based grain brokerage firms, we partner with producers on five continents to monitor the market and capitalize on all possible opportunities.

Food and beverage industry

All food and beverage companies face commodity price risk, but each requires unique solutions. We leverage extensive market access and deep expertise to help food processors, manufacturers and consumer packaged goods companies overcome those risks.

Corporations & cooperatives

We work with companies worldwide that originate and process soybeans, corn and wheat; grow or process sugar, coffee, dairy, lumber, and cotton; and produce energy products from crude oil or ethanol. We provide risk management, hedging, and complete marketing services to traders, processors, manufacturers' elevators, and end-users.

BOTG: Wheat & Soybeans (US)

Join us in Ohio, where agriculture isn't just an occupation; it's a way of life for StoneX Regional Director Bailey Elchinger as she navigates the fields that have shaped her family for generations, turning her agricultural insights into your strategic advantage in commodity markets.

Join us in Ohio, where agriculture isn't just an occupation; it's a way of life for StoneX Regional Director Bailey Elchinger as she navigates the fields that have shaped her family for generations, turning her agricultural insights into your strategic advantage in commodity markets.
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For what are soybeans used?

From industrial products like engine lubricant to food additives and animal feeds, soybeans have hundreds of uses. Soybeans are rich in protein and oil, and the highest natural source of dietary fiber, making them a desirable crop.

How are soybeans traded?

All soybean products—beans, oil, meal and crush--are traded as commodities. Soybeans trade in bushels, soybean meal trades in tons and soybean oil is traded in pounds. Selling crush means selling soybean oil and soybean meal and soybeans. Soybean futures and options on soybeans, soybean meal and soybean oil— as well the soybean crush--provide a means to manage this risk as well as to take advantage of potential profit opportunities.

What is soybean crushing?

When processed, soybeans are cleaned, cracked, dehulled and rolled out into flakes. This process is called crushing. It separates the oil and meal. The oil is used in food products like cooking oils, or it can be used in countless industrial products. The meal, which contains high protein, can be used in food products and livestock feed.

What are soybeans?

The soybean plant is a member of the legume family. Soybeans are usually planted in spring, April and May, then harvested in early fall, September and October. Soybeans are grown primarily for processing into soybean meal and soybean oil.

Where are soybeans commonly grown?

Soybeans are primarily grown in the Corn Belt and lower Mississippi Valley including the states Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, south Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota and Missouri. The three top-producing states are Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

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