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Cocoa - MI

Access comprehensive technical and fundamental analysis for global cocoa markets, along with incisive commentary from our team of analysts.

Make cocoa market expertise your edge.

All participants in the cocoa markets face price volatility. Supply and demand changes, weather events, political uncertainty, and currency fluctuations can all significantly impact prices – and your bottom line. From producers to cooperatives, importers and end users, StoneX arms businesses in the cocoa markets with the market analysis and insights they need to outperform the competition.

  • Fundamental + technical cocoa market analysis
  • Breaking news
  • Global coverage
  • Daily price data
  • One powerful platform
Cocoa - Make cocoa market expertise your edge

Cocoa Gold Plan

Our Cocoa Gold Plan offers essential global supply and demand information for the cocoa markets in the Americas, Europe and Africa. Make informed decisions regarding your strategy and price-risk management with access to daily stock inventory data, cocoa futures open interest, price charts, breaking news and more.

Cocoa Platinum Plan

This comprehensive plan contains all the resources you need to excel in the cocoa markets. We tailor our supply and demand data for cocoa markets in the Americas, Europe and Africa to help our trading customers make informed decisions regarding their strategy and price-risk management.

In addition to all the key benefits of a Gold Plan, you have access to daily weather conditions, daily global cocoa market news, weekly differentials, cocoa futures open interest and volume reports, weekly Brazil reports and more. Our deep analyst insights aim to go beyond the data and deliver you a decisive advantage.

Choose your package

We offer two comprehensive Market Intelligence cocoa packages, both offering yearly or monthly pricing options and a 14-day free trial option.

Cocoa Gold Cocoa Platinum
Cocoa Certified Stocks ICE NY
Cocoa Open Interest ICE NY
Cocoa COT Report
Cocoa Historical Price Behavior
Mid-Session Cocoa Recap
Cocoa Weather Report
Breaking New Articles
Interactive Differentials & Ratio Report
Certified Stocks Weekly Report
Open Interest & Volume
Weekly Market Report
Global Grinds data
ICCO Reports and analysis
$50 (USD)/mo
$480 (USD)/yr
$100 (USD)/mo
$1,080 (USD)/yr

Why choose a Cocoa Market Intelligence Package with StoneX?

Make our cocoa markets expertise your edge. Access to our market intelligence gives you actionable insights and data-- all in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Stay up to date with every development in the cocoa market that impacts your bottom line
  • Access daily data of ICE certified cocoa stock inventories
  • View seasonality, cocoa price and percentages charts
  • View reports showing indications of CIF, FOB, and ExWarehouse pricing across major origins
  • Access recaps with terminal prices, spreads, arbitrage, currencies and cocoa event calendar
  • See the relationship between volume, open interest, and price, and the effect these factors can have on managed money net positions
  • … and much more

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