Meats and Livestock Market Intelligence

Meat and livestock market intelligence

Access data and analysis for the meats and livestock markets, along with incisive commentary from the StoneX Meats and Livestock team.

Make our market expertise your edge

The livestock and protein industry faces constant price and business margin volatility. We have the market insights and expertise to help reduce price risk across all segments of the supply chain, from producers and processors to manufacturers and end users. Our goal is to help you manage meat and livestock commodity price risk, maximize your business strength and outperform the competition. 

  • Key inventory + production data
  • Analysis and commentary
  • Cumulative and weekly sales data charts
  • Beef + pork coverage
  • One powerful platform
Meat and Livestock MI
Meats and Livestock Pro

Developed by the Meats & Livestock Team at StoneX, this package delivers essential global supply and demand plus in-depth insights and market commentary to help you assess historical and emerging trends and make informed decisions regarding your strategy and price-risk management.

Key features and benefits

Meats and Livestock Pro offers exclusive insights and analysis for beef and pork, including:
  • Daily Livestock Report
  • Beef and Pork Export Report
  • USDA Cattle on Feed
  • USDA Quarterly Hogs & Pigs Report
  • Feeder Cattle Weekly
  • Hog Technical Video + Commentary
  • Livestock Education & Tutorials
  • Weekly Beef Production
  • Weekly Pork Production
  • Market Talk Articles
  • The Cattleman’s Advisory Articles

Why choose Meats and Livestock Pro?

Make our market expertise your edge. Access to the Meats and Livestock Pro package gives you actionable insights and the latest data.

  • Cumulative and weekly charts for U.S. export sales report data for beef and pork
  • Analysis of the USDA Cattle on Feed survey done monthly on feedlots with 1,000 or more head capacity
  • Analysis of the quarterly USDA Hogs and Pigs report showing totals for the U.S. pig crop as well as inventory by class and weight group, farrowings, and farrowing intentions
  • Weekly recap of beef and pork production, including data on slaughter and carcass weights
  • Daily grains, livestock & cotton analysis and commentary
  • … and much more

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