StoneHedge® Merchandising System


Automated offer management, merchandising and origination platform.

StoneHedge® Web for originators and merchandisers

Increase the accuracy and speed of your grain trading decisions with up-to-date data and streamlined contract management.

  • Seamless ERP integration

    Automates data flow from existing grain accounting systems, including Oakland, AgTrax, and other ERP systems, boosting operational efficiency and data accuracy.

  • Dynamic synchronization

    Continuously updates offers, contracts, and hedge orders reducing errors and operational risks for tighter control over slippage.

  • Comprehensive data integration

    Ensures precise synchronization of customer, bid, offer, and order data, enhancing consistency across transactions.

  • Advanced contract management

    Enables quick adjustments in contract types to maximize profitability and responsiveness in market changes.

  • Proactive inventory management

    Directly handles overfills and underfills within your ERP, maintaining accuracy and mitigating financial risks.

  • Operational efficiency

    Minimizes manual data entry, enhancing overall operational efficiency and freeing up staff for higher-level strategic engagement.

  • Enhanced decision making

    Provides consolidated views of grain account balances and transactions, crucial for informed pricing and hedging strategies that prevent slippage.


StoneHedge® mobile app for farmers and producers

Give your producers access to critical market operations and accurate data, all within a mobile platform designed for ease of adoption.

  • Centralized system

    Manages all bids, offers, and orders from one place, enhancing control and reducing response times.

  • Automated offer management

    Dynamically updates and corrects hedge orders linked to cash offers when basis changes, directly addressing the slippage concern.

  • Accurate contract and price quoting

    Centralized system allows you to quote producers their spot contract price instantly after a filled market order.

  • Automated hedging positions

    Manages both long and short hedge positions efficiently, designed to significantly cut down on slippage and time.

  • Comprehensive customer view

    Offers a single-screen overview of all customer-related transactions, ensuring transparency and immediate access.

  • White label mobile app

    Provides a customized app experience that reflects your brand, making it easier for customers to interact and stay informed.

  • Superior customer engagement

    Allows for flexible interactions via web or mobile, for simplified offers and contracts management and enhanced user convenience.


What StoneHedge® customers are saying

StoneHedge has increased our efficiency by 40%. It's a game-changer for us in the competitive grain business.
Kokomo Grain

"StoneHedge has increased our efficiency by 40%. It's a game-changer for us in the competitive grain business."

StoneHedge saves time, saves money—those are the things that our customers are asking us for.
Frontier Ag

“StoneHedge saves time, saves money-those are the things that our customers are asking us for.”

See StoneHedge® in action

Schedule a free walk-through to see all that StoneHedge has to offer.

StoneHedge ERP integrations for originators, merchandisers and warehouses

StoneHedge integrates with ERP systems – including Oakland, AgTrax and many others – for a powerful, intuitive experience that revolutionizes grain merchandising for you and your customers. Contact us for custom integrations.

Workflow automation dark
Workflow automation dark

Dynamic synchronization

Filled offers, purchase & sales contracts, pricings, and hedge orders created in StoneHedge flow seamlessly into your system – saving your staff time while reducing errors, slippage, and overall risk.

Streamlined customer import and data integration

Import and sync customer data with StoneHedge, reducing errors and ensuring data consistency.

Comprehensive account balance and transaction management

StoneHedge’s integration with your ERP allows you to view, price, and hedge your customers’ grain account balances from StoneHedge, then automatically pushes the transaction to your systems.

Advanced contracts & pricing management

Centralize and streamline the management of cash, HTA, basis, and DP contracts through StoneHedge. Quick pricing adjustments and rapid contract processing enhance your negotiating leverage and profit.

Precision in overfills & underfills / inventory management

Tackle overfills and underfills proactively by managing them directly in your ERP, with updates instantly mirrored in StoneHedge – minimizing costly discrepancies and enhancing overall inventory accuracy.

*Integrations may vary depending on your ERP’s requirements. Contact your broker or reach us at [email protected] for a detailed list of ERP-specific integrations.

StoneHedge Mobile for farmers and producers


View account balances

Provides immediate access to up-to-date grain account balances, enabling farmers to monitor their financial positions accurately and conveniently from any location.
Request Quote icon
Request Quote icon

Transact against account balances

Allows farmers to execute transactions quickly and securely, directly from their mobile devices, streamlining the process of selling grain or adjusting positions without the need to be at a physical location.

View scale tickets

Farmers can easily review their scale tickets on the go, ensuring they have all the necessary transaction details at their fingertips – promoting transparency and accurate record-keeping during busy harvest periods.

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