2024 Markets Outlook: Protect Your Portfolio Against Unexpected Volatility

As 2024 progresses, the financial and geopolitical landscapes remain unpredictable. The StoneX Strategy Team, led by Chief Market Strategist Kathryn Rooney Vera, has taken a cautiously bullish stance, warning investors to be prepared for unexpected volatility that may catch markets off-guard.

Rooney Vera emphasizes the underappreciated risk of recession, advocating for diversified portfolios and stronger hedging strategies. Despite the hurdles, the team projects a 60% possibility of the US economy avoiding recession, indicating a soft-landing scenario. Nonetheless, the significant 40% risk of a downturn demands strategic caution.

Rooney Vera's analysis indicates a 50% possibility of a true no-recession outcome under the soft-landing scenario, and a 10% chance of a no-landing scenario characterized by a resurgence of inflation, posing challenges to both the Federal Reserve and the broader financial markets.

Given the historical rarity and fleeting nature of soft landings, the StoneX Strategy Team stresses the importance of proactive measures, encouraging investors to prepare through diversification and hedging.

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