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Originally published as part of The Outlook Newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue 4C


As we move into a period of heightened seasonal volatility in the financial markets, and the fall harvest begins in earnest, commodity hedgers may benefit from revisiting their hedges and doing some fine tuning based on market conditions and developing trends. Below are five tools available through StoneX MI to help:

  1. Commodity Tracker
    Get a comprehensive view of broad commodity complex trends and track performance against other financial industry benchmarks like treasury yield curves and the S&P 500 index. Or examine specific sectors with sub-trackers for energy, industrial metals, precious metals, grains and oilseeds, softs and livestock.
  2. Futures Seasonal
    View the seasonality of commodity price, volume and open interest for more than 30 different futures contracts along corresponding futures curves.
  3. Hedge Toolbox
    Analyze metrics for 15 commodities against the DDM Commodity Index, stochastics, RSI, MACD and Bollinger bands (20-day and 200-day).
  4. Federal Reserve Economic Data Dashboard
    Keep tabs on the same data the Fed analyzes to make its decisions on interest rates each month. Users can access time series charts on yield spreads (including the 10yr - 2 Year Treasury Yield Spread and the 10 Yr – 3 Mo Treasury Yield Spread) and yield curves going back decades.
  5. Black Sea Daily/Weekly Reports
    StoneX analyst Matt Ammermann provides daily intelligence briefings from the Black Sea region including Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and MENA regions. Reports include analysis of fundamental, technical and geopolitical factors influencing commodity markets in the region and globally.

These tools are available via our Market Intelligence platform.  To learn more, sign up for a FREE TRIAL

Already a subscriber? Find these tools in the Interactive Reports section of StoneX Market Intelligence or contact your broker to get started.


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