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Originally published as part of The Outlook Newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue 5C


Sean O'Connor - CEO

More than a year and a half after the U.S. Federal Reserve began raising interest rates to tame inflation, the debate rages on: Will tightening monetary policy push the U.S. economy into recession?

The question persists because the economy’s performance has consistently contradicted some of our most historically reliable recession indicators. But 2024 is starting to feel like a pivotal year. So, we’ve asked five of our marquee Market Intelligence analysts to weigh in on the likelihood of a U.S. recession in the next 12 months. You can read their predictions below.

Regardless of whose analysis you find most compelling, you will probably want to position yourself accordingly. And StoneX is here to help.  We remain committed to ensuring that our clients have access to the asset classes, technology platforms and services they need to pursue their strategies and achieve their goals – regardless of how the markets move.

The latest example of this commitment is our relaunch of Redesigned from the ground up to prioritize user needs, the new site provides an interactive experience that enables you to find what you need fast and easily access insights that can drive your success. You can read about the site’s enhanced features below, or simply explore for yourself at

Either way, we hope you will take advantage of all the value the new site aims to deliver. And as always, thank you for your business with us.

Sean O'Connor
StoneX Group Inc.
New York, NY

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