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Originally published as part of The Outlook Newsletter

Vol. 2, Issue 1C


Three questions with Eileen Stein, Global Head of Market Intelligence and Commercial Technology for StoneX Group Inc.

Over the past decade, StoneX has committed significant resources to enabling customers to conduct more of their business with us digitally. From intelligence gathering to account management to trading, customers now have multiple platforms and “levels of touch” to choose from when pursuing their market strategies. But what does the future hold? We sat down with Eileen Stein, Global Head of Market Intelligence and Commercial Technology, to talk about what’s new and what’s coming next across StoneX’s customer-facing digital platforms.

Q1: What was the most significant release from your team in the past year that customers should take care not to miss?

A: The Interactive Reports feature within Market Intelligence has really changed the game for how our customers can access market information and analysis. It puts relevant data from all our markets in one easily accessible place. It includes our commodity tracker, a dashboard for economic data from the Federal Reserve, and a Hedge Toolbox that enables users to analyze metrics for 15 commodities against a number of indexes and key measures.

Q2: What coming release should customers be most excited about?

A: We have a lot of new tools and upgrades in the pipeline. One that customers have asked for most is analyst-and team-specific pages within Market Intelligence. This feature will actually make it easier for our analysts and teams to post and curate their own content – and for customers to follow them.

Q3: What’s happening on the commercial technology side?

A: We’ve generated a number of platforms in recent years to meet specific customer needs, and many of these have “grown up” separately from each other, based on the differences of those customer needs. We have StoneX Plus, MIDL, StoneHedge, Know Risk, SPOC, Farm Advantage, etc. Many of them help customers do a lot of the same things. Some have best-in-class features that are not shared – but should be. So, we are starting to look at bringing all these together into one seamless experience that features the best of the best tools and resources.

That’s a complicated process, so we are organizing this effort based on broader user journeys. Let’s take Commercial Risk Management and look at the pre-trade portion of the journey, for example. We see it unfolding in three segments: 1) build knowledge, 2) estimate market targets, and 3) model solutions. For each of these segments, we want to aggregate the best tools for the task in one place – not require hopping from platform to platform with different logins, etc.

We plan to take the same methodical approach to the trade execution and post-trade segments of the journey. We are in the beginning stages of this process, but it represents a shift in strategy that will ultimately bring enormous benefits to all the users of our digital platforms.


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