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As harvest season begins to ramp up, many StoneX clients are beginning to reap the benefits of using our StoneHedge web-based merchandising system to streamline origination, automate offer management and simplify merchandising & hedging.

The timing couldn’t be better as the StoneX technology team spent the spring and summer adding features and upgrades to the platform. These included:

  • Customer Accounts screen gives you a complete view of each of your customers offers/contracts and inventory balances
  • ERP integration now available for AgTrax, Agris and Oakland customers
  • Enable your customers to interact with you via the web or your own white label mobile app
  • Ability to make Long & Short Position Settings apply to individual offers
  • Ability to auto-hedge mini contracts on Long & Short by setting the 'Mini Contract Minimum' sized offer
  • Ability to organize Long & Short Positions by Location Groups
  • Roll Working Offers and Basis Contracts in Bulk
  • Add 'Snap Quotes' in the Bids screens to display real time quotes on demand
  • Created 'Hedged Futures Contracts' screen for reconciling StoneX statement
  • Added Trader 'Location' and 'Buy/Sell' permissions
  • Major enhancements to risk controls. (Admin can now view and modify purchase and sale limits at the merchant level.)
  • 24 Hour Desk Monitor to monitor and create alerts for Trade Limits, Auto Position Limits and High Frequency Limits

It’s no wonder StoneHedge shattered its monthly transaction record in June, with 27.3M bushels transacted. With more clients coming on board, that record is likely to fall again during the autumn harvest season.

If you’re not familiar with StoneHedge, or just haven’t checked it out yet, please take the time to do so. From increased productivity for originators and hedge managers to minimized potential for errors and slippage, StoneHedge can transform your offer management and merchandising in ways that enable you to drive efficiency while serving your customers better.

To learn more about StoneHedge and its latest developments or to get started, contact your broker directly or email us via [email protected].

Originally published as part of The Outlook Newsletter

Vol. 1, Issue 4C

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